At the present time, we are not taking reservations 
for private non-Salina rentals. 

For concert reservation info, please email
Allison Hybertson 


The schoolhouse is reserved 
EVERY Monday 8:45-10:15 a.m. for Yoga

DECEMBER 15th (Thursday) 
Bluegrass pick
7:00-9:30 p.m


Neighbors, folk dancers, musicians, locals and visitors, families, friends and singles; all are welcome. Potluck at 6 (feed the musicians) then music from 7 till 9 pm with traditional folk dance music from around the world, usually Greek plus other Balkan flavors. Free dance lessons for beginners.
6:00-9:00 p.m.
For info:

JANUARY 5th (Thursday) 
Bluegrass pick
7:00-9:30 p.m

Instructor: Antoinette Vastenburg
4:00-5:30 p.m.
For more info:

JANUARY 14th (Saturday) CONCERT
Take Down the Door (Irish music)
For info:
Doors open @ 7:00. Music @ 7:30

JANUARY 19th (Thursday) 
Bluegrass pick
7:00-9:30 p.m

Progress of Repairs

FALL 2016.  We're still struggling to complete the work on the list below. Adriana Galue is doing some long overdue painting of the schoolhouse windows. Nearly every pane on the street side needed new glazing. Her work is wonderful! If you need a painter, I would highly recommend her.

WINTER 2014-2015.     Work is on hold. We need to find more money. The work on the wall and outhouse cost more than we expected.

NOVEMBER 2014.     Marion Reynolds worked on the restoration of the schoolhouse back in 1993, and he returned to restore the 1885 outhouse that fell on Darian's car during the flood. He made it square again, and reinforced it well so that it could be moved back to the place it sat for 129 years. Peter Brady and Ezequiel Quintana designed a way to move it safely using Ezequiel's skid loader and the cribbing material used to temporarily support the church. Marion will soon return to finish the restoration work.

OCTOBER 2014.    Ezequiel Quintana finished the wall and it is a beauty! The first time Ezequiel worked in Salina was in the fall of 1993 when he was recommended to the SCA as the best man to rebuild this same wall after many years of neglect. It's hard to believe that it has been 20 years since we received a grant from the Colorado Historical Society to restore our property and install a septic field. 

We once again have heat and bathroom facilities. The next job on the list is to repair the damaged 1885 outhouse and return it to its spot near the propane tank. If the weather cooperates, we'd also like to get the yard between the schoolhouse and outhouses raked out so that people won't trip on rocks and dirt mounds. Anyone interested in helping should contact Peter or Marti.

SEPTEMBER 2014.  Peter Brady cut down the precariously perched tree on the hillside; and Ezequiel Quintana is making great progress on rebuilding the wall. We hope to reconnect the tank this week!

JULY 2014.  We applied for, and received, matching funds ($6,000) through Boulder County's Historic Landmark Rehabilitation Grant program.  This has depleted our SCA funds, but should be enough to do the excavation, rebuild the rock wall, secure the propane tank, and repair the flood-damaged outhouse.

Rick Benson with RAM Excavating removed the propane tank and 1885 outhouse and began excavation on July 28th. (As a consequence, there currently is no heat in the schoolhouse except from the wood stove.)

We could use your help!

The schoolhouse is maintained and heated by DONATIONS of time and money, and by use fees. The management is VOLUNTEER. The work to maintain an 1885 building is endless and costly. In order to keep it available for canyon use, Salina needs your HELP.

There are many things that need fixing: routine maintenance, lingering fire-related repairs, and flood damage. We have compiled a work list below with estimates totaling approximately $20,000.

If you have expertise in any of the projects below, can recommend someone who does, have time to volunteer, or have a wish to help us financially, please
email Marti Anderson  
or mail donations to the Salina Community Association, 175 Gold Run Road, Boulder, CO 80302.

1. More raking and shoveling after construction of the wall.   [$300]
2. Move bottom sandstone step to the playground back into place. It was dislodged during the flood or early flood recovery.  [$200]
3. Paint exterior. The back side paint blistered during the 2010 fire when one of the outhouses burned, and the paint is now peeling off in spots. [$4,200]
4. Roof repair.  [$350]
5. Restore 10 windows (prep, replace cracked panes, paint, and make them capable of opening for summer cooling).   [need an estimate]
6. Purchase storm windows to protect windows and improve heating.  [need an estimate]
7. Replace recessed panels on the exterior schoolhouse doors. The material used by the carpenter who fabricated the doors in 1994 deteriorates from moisture.  [$900]
8. Repair cracked plaster and paint interior.  [$1,650]
9. Improve foundation (eroded by time and flood) on the historic coal shed, repair shingles, and paint.  [$1,800]
10. Clean the chimney, inspect, and insert a liner.  [$1,650]

Three jobs were removed from the above list. Done!

a. Rebuild historic rock retaining wall; severely damaged in 2013 flood. [$8,000-10,000] +  
b. Move the 1885 flood-damaged outhouse, reinforce, square-up and move back in place. (The outhouse foundation and siding still need more work.)  [$1,200]
c. Rake out excess silt that was washed in during flood.  [$300]  
The first two were done at a cost of $14,345. ($6,065 will be reimbursed by a Boulder County Historic Landmark Rehabilitation Grant). 
The raking was done by volunteers. Thank you! 

September 2013 Flood Damage

APRIL 2014:  As the people of Salina work on their personal repairs, come to grips with the enormity of the damage through the community, and wait for the road, creek, and debris removal work to be done by the County, efforts continue to find enough time and money to get the schoolhouse back in shape.

JANUARY 2014:  We now have water and a full tank of propane thanks to the RED CROSS! There is also gravel in the driveway, so tracking in dirt should be less of a problem. There are still many things to repair, but it is now safe and comfortable to use the schoolhouse.  Things are looking up!!! There will soon be a listing of all the people and organizations who donated time and money to make this happen - we truly could not have done it without their help.

DECEMBER 1st:  Very discouraged. We lost all the water in our cistern again.

NOVEMBER 6th:  During the flood, the pipes broke when the pressure tank fell over. The break has been repaired and water has been delivered.

OCTOBER 14th:  We had a backhoe remove the excess silt and rock. Volunteers dug dirt and lifted many boulders out of the way behind the historic outhouse, which was then righted so that the car could be removed. The outhouse restoration will have to wait until we have more time and money. The propane tank is now oriented correctly, but we will need to level a new place for it to sit before it can be hooked back up. There is no water in the cistern - we hope to have a water truck able to fill it soon.  In the meantime, people will need to bring wood for the woodstove, and use the porta-potty across the street.

SEPTEMBER 23rd:  Salina's 1885 schoolhouse was surrounded by mud. September 20-21, a narrow channel was dug around the building to keep the siding from rotting.

The 1885 historic outhouse that was damaged in the 2010 fire (and restored last year), was pushed over by a mudslide. It fell on a car parked in front. We think it can again be restored, and have been working on dirt and rock removal. The propane tank beside it was also pushed over.

The same rock and mud slide came down on the backside of our new bathroom, at far right. (One of the 1885 outhouses was "renovated" inside in 1993 with a Colorado State Historical Society grant by installing a flush toilet and sink. It burned in the 2010 fire, and was rebuilt in 2011 with local donations.) The interior of this new outhouse/bathroom seems okay. The rocks have not yet been dug out from behind, but we're working on it, and will soon know the extent of exterior damage.

We could sure use some help preserving out community building. If you would like to help with labor or money, please contact Marti Anderson.

Checks can be made out to the Salina Community Association, 175 Gold Run Road, Boulder, CO 80302. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Thank you.

September 2010 Fire Damage

The new outhouse (with a sink and flush toilet) has been finished - thanks to your donations!!

The Salina Schoolhouse was saved by firefighters during the huge Four Mile Canyon Fire! But... we lost trees up the hillside, the picket fence on the edge of the playground, and one historic outhouse into which we had installed a flush toilet and sink.

Burton Sloan finished rebuilding the bathroom in August 2011. The historic out-house (a 3-holer) that survived has a new roof, the rotted wood removed and replaced, the hole filled in, and is freshly painted.

Community use for public or private events

SCA Articles of Incorporation: The corporation will specifically own, maintain and manage the real property together with improvements and appurtenances commonly known as the "Salina Schoolhouse" located in the unincorporated Town of Salina, County of Boulder, State of Colorado, which Salina Schoolhouse shall be used and dedicated for such purposes as may be determined by the corporation's Board of Directors for the perpetual use and benefit of the community of the Town of Salina and the neighborhood and vicinity thereof; but in no event shall said Salina Schoolhouse be used for purposes other than religious, charitable, scientific, testing for public safety, literary, recreational or educational purposes.

The building may be reserved by members of the Four Mile Canyon community for private events, with use confined to the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and a maximum attendance of 75 people. Events open to the public may be hosted by local or non-local residents with the same hour and attendance limitations. The rental fee depends upon the size and type of use.
For more information, contact Marti Anderson.

The building is 40 feet by 25 feet with a 14 foot high ceiling.

If you are planning a party and would like to serve food to your guests, Salina Catering by Anne Brady is convenient with delicious food. Anne operated the Salina Cafe across from the church to rave reviews, and today limits her culinary offerings to catered meals and buffets.

There is one out-of-commission outhouse in the back yard that is carved with many initials (we believe it was the boy's) and contains three holes. The other outhouse (girl's) was converted from a two-holer to a modern facility with a flush toilet and sink in 1994. It burned to the ground during the Four Mile Canyon fire in September 2010, and has been rebuilt.

The schoolhouse was restored in 1994 with a Colorado State Historical Fund grant.

If you would like to contribute to our never-ending maintenance and improvement projects, please mail your check to our community's non-profit corporation, the Salina Community Association, c/o Marti Anderson, 175 Gold Run Road, Boulder, CO 80302.
Every single penny adds up, so please consider making a donation of any size!

Non-community use for private events

No non-local reservations are being accepted at this time.