We could use your help!

The schoolhouse is maintained and heated by DONATIONS of time and money, and by use fees. The management is VOLUNTEER. The work to maintain an 1885 building is endless and costly. In order to keep it available for canyon use, Salina needs your HELP.

There are many things that need fixing: routine maintenance, lingering fire-related repairs, and flood damage. We have compiled a work list below with estimates totaling approximately $20,000.

If you have expertise in any of the projects below, can recommend someone who does, have time to volunteer, or have a wish to help us financially, please
email Marti Anderson  mmasalina@msn.com  
or mail donations to the Salina Community Association, 175 Gold Run Road, Boulder, CO 80302.

1. Clean the chimney, inspect, and insert a liner.  [$1,650 estimate]
2. Move bottom sandstone step to the playground back into place. It was dislodged during the flood or early flood recovery.  [$200 estimate]
3. Paint exterior. The back side paint blistered during the 2010 fire when one of the outhouses burned, and the paint is now peeling off in spots. [The bottom back was scraped, primed and painted in October 2016. The windows were repaired, reglazed and repainted (exterior only) in late 2016 for $3,000+. The remaining siding and trim still needs to be repainted - maybe $4,000 more.]
4. Roof repair or replace.[Need estimates.]
5. Restore ten windows (prep, replace cracked panes, paint, and make them capable of opening for summer cooling).   [Partially completed - see 3. Need estimates for further work.]
6. Purchase storm windows to protect windows and improve heating.  [Need estimates.]
7. Replace recessed panels on the exterior schoolhouse doors. The material used by the carpenter who fabricated the doors in 1994 deteriorated from moisture.  [$900 estimate]
8. Repair cracked plaster and paint interior.  [$3,000 estimate]
9. Improve foundation (eroded by time and flood) on the historic coal shed, repair shingles, and paint.  [$1,800]

Three jobs were removed from the above list!

1. Rebuild historic rock retaining wall; severely damaged in 2013 flood. [Work completed by Ezequiel Quintana.]   
2. Move the 1885 flood-damaged outhouse for wall rebuild, repair outhouse, return to original location with new foundation. [Work completed by RAM Excavating, Peter Brady and Marion Reynolds.]
Jobs 1. and 2. were done at a cost of $14,345. The SCA was reimbursed $6,065 by a Boulder County Historic Landmark Rehabilitation Grant.
3. Rake out excess silt that was washed in during flood. The raking was done by volunteers. Thank you!