2016 Financial Report

1. $1/person. $20 minimum.
2. For uses with an entrance fee:  $1/person ($20 min.) or 10% of receipts, whichever is more.
3. Community service meetings (County, etc.) may be held at no charge.
4. Special arrangements may be considered for uses that specifically help Salina residents (who are responsible for maintaining the building) or that financially benefit the school property.

1/1/2016 BANK BALANCE: $1976.70

Use fees   $1,480.00
Donations $  125.00
County Grant for flood repair $6,065.00
Total income: $7,670.00

Electricity $228.93
Propane $512.00
Water $90.00
Maintenance $133.10
Final flood repairs $315.00
Repair & paint ten windows $3,062.43
Total expenses: $4,341.46

12/31/2016 BANK BALANCE: $5,045.24

Please consider donating time or money.
Our projected expenses exceed our income.
Needed repairs that we should do soon: 
1. Interior and exterior paint, interior plaster repair
2. Roof repair or replacement
3. Exterior doors repair or replacement
4. Storm windows.
5. Coal shed foundation and siding repair.