At the present time, we are not taking reservations 
for private non-Salina rentals. 

For concert reservation info, please email
Allison Hybertson 

The schoolhouse is reserved 
EVERY Monday 8:45-10:15 a.m. for Yoga


MAY 26-27th (Friday & Saturday) PRIVATE PARTY
Both days all day.

MAY 28th (Sunday) CONCERT
Courtney Hartmam & Kai Welch
Doors open at 7:00. Concert at 7:30.
For info:

(Some Thursdays)
Bluegrass pick
7:00-9:30 p.m.

(Some Sundays)
So We Know We Can Dance
4:00-5:30 p.m.
Bring a mat and $10.00.
Instructor: Antoinette Vastenburg
Knowing how to circle your hips is fun! You can use full or part hip circles with different dance steps. In this class you will first lie on the floor for a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson. The gentle movements learned will then flow into easy dance steps. The music is recorded, eclectic and often times of Latin American origin.
For more info:

(Some Wednesdays) MUSIC/DANCE
Neighbors, folk dancers, musicians, locals and visitors, families, friends and singles; all are welcome. Potluck at 6 (feed the musicians) then music from 7 till 9 pm with traditional folk dance music from around the world, usually Greek plus other Balkan flavors. Free dance lessons for beginners.
Free. Don't let the $10 donation request stop you. Donate if you can. Proceeds split between the musicians and the schoolhouse.
6:00-9:00 p.m.
For info: